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PARACHUTE16 specializes in entrepreneurship and innovation. We design and implement hybrid accelerator programs through founder-to-founder model as well as entrepreneurship development in partnership with governments, INGOS, and the private sector.

Join our expert network to make a lasting impact on the MENA region's thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our experienced experts drive our hybrid accelerator programs, fostering startup and social entrepreneurship success through product validation, investment readiness, pitch deck creation, and overall growth. Seize this chance to share your knowledge and shape MENA's entrepreneurial future.Fill out the form below to join our expert network today!

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Joining our community of experts means becoming part of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and provides an excellent opportunity to join the booming entrepreneurial sector of Saudi Arabia and the region.

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With our extensive network of global partners across 16 Arab countries, with 200 success partners, including INGOs, Ministries, Governments, and the private sector.

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